Thursday, March 31, 2011

US2011 - Aqua

While searching for Malaysian and Thai restaurants around the Independence Hall area, I came across a one-worded restaurant named Aqua. At the first instance, it did sounded more like a lounge or a bistro, instead of an Asian diner serving a fusion of Malaysian and Thai cuisine.



Not exactly sure why, but the first thing that I tried to search in the menu was for Pad See Ew and Nasi Lemak, which unfortunately, they do not have. (I later realised that they do have something called the Green Nasi Lemak, but with the description of special coconut fried rice with shrimp and egg. So, maybe it’s not Nasi Lemak after all).



So, I decided to try their Pad Thai …



… and Shrimp Fried Rice instead.



During another visit, I also tried their Malaysian Fried Rice, which is a sweeter version of the Shrimp Fried Rice.



While all three dishes smelt really good, I would strongly recommend their Pad Thai, which I think is the best that I have had so far (in both USA and Australia).



705, Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
+1 215 928 2838

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K.R Paranga said...

Why do you keep on posting pictures of food.. I almost eat the monitor of my computer..tihihihi.=D

Alex said...

hahaha... a good chance to get a new monitor then.. :)

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