Saturday, March 10, 2012

MY2012 - Koong Woh Tong

Famous for their herbal jelly, it seems that Koong Woh Tong is rapidly expanding into most shopping malls in Malaysia.



While I couldn’t really remember when was the last time I had herbal jelly, this is definitely my first time having it in a shopping mall.



Due to its bitterness, we were also served a pot full of sugar syrup to be mixed.



And in case you are wondering what are the ingredients of this herbal jelly, generally, the Gui Ling Gao or Turtle Jelly consists of grinded turtle’s plastron, ginseng, wolfberries, dried rehmannia, licorice root, and other minor additions of Chinese herbs. Yes, you read it right, TURTLE!!!



Koong Woh Tong
G40, AEON Rawang Anggun, Persiaran Anggun, Taman Anggun, 48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia.
+60 3 6092 4388


Nath said...

gui ling gao @ Malaysia/Singapore are mainly using jelly. The real Gui Ling Gao must go HK try and I heard not cheap wuwu

Ант Кочевник said...

This shop told me their guilinggao is plant based and suitable for vegetarians. 素 They don't put turtle shell.

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