Monday, December 10, 2012

JP2012 - Doutonbori

One of Osaka's most popular tourist destinations, Doutonbori is a large scale downtown along the south bank of the Doutonbori-gawa Canal.



Each side of the canal is thronged with a massive amount of restaurants, shopping, and amusement facilities.



Thus, it is a popular shopping and entertainment district and is also known as a food destination.



At night, Doutonbori is lit by hundreds of neon lights and mechanized signs; think New York Times Square along Venice’s Grand Canal!!



Obviously, Doutonbori is best viewed at night and one must not miss the famous Glico Running Man sign!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

JP2012 - Hotel Brighton City

Hotel Brighton City is possibly one of the most affordable contemporary and stylish hotel in Osaka.



While the exterior looks like a squarish boring concrete building, the interiors’ clean and sleek design provides a welcoming and relaxing ambience.



Applying the same concept to the rooms, it turned the compact 20 square metre room into a sophisticated but comfortable space.



Among the amenities that really stood out is the in-room humidifier, located next to the comfortable bed.



Within the stylish bathroom, there’s also a separated rain shower and a bath tub fitted with a peekaboo window.



And to top things off is the President Desk, a 160 cm wide stand-alone writing desk with a whole host of gadgets, like the VOIP phone, one-touch control panel, a laptop safety box and a built-in mini bar.



Just a word of caution though to those itchy hands who like to remove items from hotel rooms, there is a price for almost everything in the room!!



Yes, even for the hand soap!!

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