Wednesday, October 3, 2012

JP2012 - Hasedera Temple

Another famous temple in Kamakura is Hasedera, well known for its eleven-headed Kannon statue. The 9.18 meter tall, gilded wooden statue is regarded as one of the largest wooden sculptures in Japan, and can be viewed in the temple's main building, the Kannon-do Hall.



Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the Hall.



Built along the slope of a wooded hill, typical Japanese gardens are found at the base as we enter the temple’s compound.



Next to the temple gardens is a small cave dedicated to Benten, a goddess of feminine beauty and wealth.



All other temple buildings, such as the Kannon-do Hall and the Amida-do Hall, are built further up the slope, reached via stairs.



There’s even a hall built specifically to house a wooden bookshelf.



At the top, there is also an observation deck with views over the coastal city of Kamakura.



And if visitors are here at the right season, they can also take part in Hasedera’s famous annual hydrangea viewing event.



Definitely more popular than we had expected!!



As a result, a queuing system is in place to ensure that the huge crowd is manageable. Through this system, a number is issued to every visitor to indicate their waiting time on the queue. Generally, everyone is expected to wait in line for about 2 hours.



Judging by the number of people who were willing to queue up, it may actually be worth the time!!

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