Thursday, November 10, 2011

AU2011 - Mizuya

Arguably Sydney's most glamorous Japanese restaurant and bar, Mizuya offers over 200 traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes in Izakaya-styled dining and karaoke entertainment rooms.



Instead of visiting during the busy lunch or dinner hours, we decided to check out the place during their “snacks” hour.



For a start, we ordered the Crispy Salmon Skin, something so popular that we always failed to have at Kasumi.



Then came the Cheese Potato Mochi …



… and the Mizuya Chilli and Shallot Crocodile Karaage.



Yes, you heard it right, crocodiles!! Also not to be missed is the Mizuya Dessert Trio, which consists of the Green Tea Creme Brulee, Japanese Baked Cheese Cake and Strawberry Pudding (??).



Last but not the least, we ended our snacks session with the Mizuya Test Tubes of Daily Bartender Selection.



For somewhere quiet, I reckon that the non-busy-snacking-hour Mizuya is a great place to hang out with friends!!



Mizuya Restaurant and Bar
614, George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.
+61 2 9266 0866

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