Thursday, July 7, 2011

US2011 - Penang

Once voted the Best of Philly for Malaysian cuisine in 2004, it is said that Penang (yes, a restaurant called Penang in Philadelphia) has a menu of over 100 appetizers and mains drawn from several Southeast Asian countries.



Although Malaysian-Chinese restaurants or hawkers in Malaysia doesn’t serve tea, I guess Penang had no choice but to do so to emulate any other Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.




And being far away from home, of course I would wish and hope that the Malaysian food here is on par with the actual hawker fares in Malaysia, especially when the Chef is a Malaysian.



Anyway, after browsing through the menu, I decided to try the Nasi Lemak …



… Hainanese Chicken Rice …



… Boneless Chicken Curry …



… Wonton Mee …



… and the weirdly named Kueh Teow Thong. (To the person who named the dish, please kindly rename it to Koay Teow Th’ng, or Kuey Teow Soup or even Ipoh Hor Fun).



After each meal, a fruit platter that consists of only three slices of oranges is then served.



All I can say is that, presentation wise, it was OK. But taste wise, Penang’s Malaysian cuisine is Westernised (like any other Malaysian restaurants overseas). And hopefully, Americans don’t go to Malaysia and ask for Kueh Teow Thong. 



117, N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA.
+1 215 413 2531

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