Monday, November 21, 2011

AU2011 - Delima

While most of the Indonesian restaurants that I have tried so far kept things simple, from the interiors to the menu and to the dishes, I think Delima can be considered one of the rare few that offers a fine dining experience.



Proudly claim to bring their customers through a journey of diversified Indonesian culinary experiences, the menu on offered is probably too diversified that its just too hard to tell its authenticness.



During our visit, we decided to try the Ayam Goreng Kalasan, …



… and the Sup Sayur Asam.



We were also served a complimentary plate of Prawn Crackers for entree and a plate of Watermelon for dessert.



Among all the dishes that we tried at Delima, I guess, the only thing more commonly associated with Indonesia is …



… the Bintang beer.



Delima Restaurant
Shop 69, Level 5, 1, Dixon Street, Syney, NSW 2000, Australia.
+61 2 9267 7045

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