Friday, November 25, 2011

AU2011 - Bangkok Balcony

The newest addition to the already crowded Thai restaurant scene in Wollongong is Bangkok Balcony.



Located at the western end of the city, this isolated tiny joint seems popular with their take-away orders.



With the non-stop action of phone ringing and the four chefs busy cooking away, this is not the place for starving customers.



When entering the premise, we were actually warned that there’s a 40-minute wait for our orders.



But soon enough, our platter of Mixed Entrees was served. And guess what we ate the entrees with?



Two huge bowls!! LOL!!



While there, we also get to try their Bangkok Balcony Noodle, one of their specialties. Consisting of thin noodles with fried chicken, fried vegetables and peanut sauce, it was as though we were eating a whole jar of peanut butter. Maybe they should consider cutting down on the peanut sauce.



The real highlight of the night is the Pad See Ew. Definitely one of the best egg and sweet soy sauce seasoning combination that I have ever tasted. It also reminded us of the same dish from Old Siam Style (now closed), before realising that they were cooked by the exact same chef!!



Bangkok Balcony
497, Crown Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia.
+61 2 4228 4248

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