Saturday, July 9, 2011

US2011 - Westin Crown Center

Located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, The Westin Crown Center is encompassed by Hallmark's Crown Center, a city within a city that offers guests 85 acres of shops, restaurants, and theatres.



Interestingly, as the hotel itself was built directly into a massive outcrop of limestone and shale, the lobby’s interior backdrop of the ageless subsurface and a three storey waterfall are also considered one of the local attractions at Crown Center.



Apparently, it is also the most photographed waterfall in Kansas City!!



While the spacious rooms offer a nice view of Kansas City …



… and I get to brew my own Starbucks coffee everyday, …



… other than that, everything else looked extremely dated. It is definitely time for Westin to consider some refurbishments!!

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