Thursday, July 21, 2011

US2011 - Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

A Kansas City tradition since 1954, patrons may dine in at Fritz’s for its novelty of the train, but usually ended up going back for the food!!



For me, it was all about the train!!



In addition to the eye-catching and attention-grabbing train that is being displayed at the entrance, model trains also choo-chooed around the whole restaurant.



It all started back then, when the founders developed an interesting food delivery system to help with the shortage of labour. 60 years down the road, the system still remains as the main attraction at Fritz’s!!



Instead of ordering the food through a waiter or waitress, …



… customers are required to dial in from the telephone attached to their table.



The order would then be delivered in a box by an overhead train, which is lowered by an elevator system.



See video here:


Since Fritz’s is famous for old fashioned hamburgers made with 100% choice ground beef, grilled onions seared in the meat, toasted buns and is always cooked-to-order, I decided to try the Gen Dare, a Fritz’s favourite!!



Consisting of a single hamburger topped with hash browns, grilled onion, melted cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles on a seeded bun, it may looked oily and unhealthy, but the taste was superb!!



I guess, it can’t be denied that customers are always returning for both the fun with the train and the taste of the food!!



Fritz's Railroad Restaurant
2450, Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA.
+1 816 474 4004

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