Thursday, July 28, 2011

US2011 - Crayola Cafe

Since Crayola is well known for its crayons, relating crayons to food didn’t sound quite right. But as a tribute to Hallmark's Crayola brand, the Crayola Cafe in Kansas City offers fun and exciting food for kids of all ages!



Sporting bright, colourful decor and placemats that serve as blank canvasses, it was just unfortunate that they did not serve crayons with the meals. On hindsight, maybe I should have drawn with the mustard and ketchup!!



Boasting a menu that has "something for everyone", I decided to their their Any-Way-You’d-Like-It-Crayola Burger with Root Beer!!



By priding themselves as "kids friendly", I think they did a good job to include the big kids too!!



Crayola Cafe
2450, Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64101, USA
+1 816 398 4820

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I've not gotten the chance to visit the other side of the world yet, the states in particular is one place that I would like to explore.

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