Saturday, February 11, 2012

MY2012 - Johan Chuan Pomelos

Also known as the granddaddy of grapefruits, Pomelos are native to Southeast Asia, and are commonly used as an ingredient for soups, marmalade, and even as an altar decoration. Of course, like any other fruits, it is also eaten fresh.



During my recent trip home, I managed to visit an award winning pomelo farm in Malaysia, Johan Limau Bali Chuan’s orchard.



Although Tambun, Perak is more famous for their pomelos, it is Johan Chuan’s pomelos in Sungai Gedong, Perak that won awards after awards every year!!



While there, we get to observe the simple process of harvesting, …



… packing …



… and distributing of the fruit.



Although simplistic, it was definitely a memorable and educational trip for me!!

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