Friday, July 9, 2010

AU2010 - Peace Harmony

Out of the 600 plus Thai restaurants in Sydney (633 according to Eatability), Peace Harmony is one of the only few that caters specifically to vegetarians (as in you get flour-made meats).




In their menu, …




… Peace Harmony even dedicated a full page to emphasize on the benefits of being a vegetarian.




In summary, they reckon that being vegetarian makes one healthier, more humane and environmentally friendlier.




Anyway, during our visit, we decided to try their Tom Yum Kung (with flour-made prawns and tofu) …




… which was extremely sour, and also the Pad Prik King (with flour-made chicken and tofu).




The sauce that they used in the Pad Prik King was really nice and strongly recommended for a try (although I could actually taste a bit of burnt smell).




I guess the most interesting thing is their serving of rice, which instead of the common and boring round shape, is in the shape of a flower.




Although vegetarian (especially flour-based meats) are not the type of food that I will go for, I don’t mind visiting again to try out their dinner specials in the near future.   :)

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