Thursday, January 26, 2012

AU2012 - Ramen Kan

After a long absence, we stopped by Ramen Kan for a revisit.



Since we noticed the redesigned menu, we did wondered if the management or chef was also changed?



Thus, we decided to stick to our usual orders of Shoyu Ramen, …



… Tempura Udon, …



… Kaisen Don, …



… and Chicken Karaage Don.



Our lunch was also accompanied by the Capri Lychee …



… and Green Tea Milk.



While we couldn’t really tell if there was a change in the chef, but at least, we were glad that the food tasted as good as before.



Ramen Kan
90, Hay Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia.
+61 2 9211 6677

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Smitten ByFood said...

I love ramen.... i have been eating ramen for the past 2 days =)

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