Saturday, April 9, 2011

US2011 - Campus Corner

In short, Campus Corner is a pizza place that serves anything a college student would crave for!!



Due to its close proximity with the University, this place is mostly kept alive by staffs and students all day round.



Recalling my first week in Philadelphia, this was where I first had a taste of the city’s favourite food, the Cheese Steak. (Frankly speaking, Campo’s definitely did a better job than them).



But with my visits thereafter, since most patrons would order the (healthier) sandwiches, hoagies and wraps, I decided to give it a try too. Unlike my Cheese Steak experience, they actually did a good job with my Chicken Caesar Wrap …



… and my Chicken Finger Wrap. Can you spot the differences?



Also recommended is their Crab Cake Platter.



As for those who are cash-tight, the Deal of the Day (also known as the Pizza Special during dinner hours) seems to be the best-seller.




Two slices of pizza (same size as a large pizza from anywhere else), a basket of fries and a refillable soft drink for only $7, it is an extremely good bargain!!




And the best thing about Campus (as known by the locals), its open up until 2am. Didn’t know that America also has the late night supper culture. Only difference is, instead of a “mamak stall”, they hang out at a fast food restaurant!!



Campus Corner
829, Lancaster Ave, Villanova, PA 19085.
+1 610 527 3606

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