Thursday, July 12, 2012

AU2012 - House of Thai

It seems that Baan Krua Thai have just had a management change, and the uniquely-housed restaurant is now known as The House of Thai.



After browsing through their menu, we decided to try two of their Chef’s Specialties. First up is the Roti Chicken Green Curry.



Unknowingly, it was just a slice of roti pratha, commonly found in Asian groceries, served with green curry. I reckon that it would have tasted better if they had served it with red curry. Then came the BBQ Chicken, …



… marinated grilled chicken fillets in garlic and black pepper served with steamed mixed vegetables and homemade chilli sauce.



Accompanying the Chef’s Specialties is the Seafood Salad.



I actually think that the chef did a better job with the salad than the specialties. LOL!!



But I guess, what stood out the most between this restaurant and the rest in Wollongong is the provision of a stand for rice. While that is quite common in Asia, it is quite rare to see that being implemented in Australia.



House of Thai Cuisine
125 Keira Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia.
+61 2 4228 8371

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