Thursday, April 26, 2012

AU2012 - Ace Wasabi’s

After being known as “the Marina hotspot” in San Francisco, it seems that Ace Wasabi’s is now trying to achieve that title again at the opposite end of the world. More specifically, the Gold Coast!!



With 3 branches spreaded across the Gold Coast,  we decided to check out the one at Marina Mirage.



Like any sushi bar, they offer the standard selection of Nigiri, Maki and Temaki.



Among those that we tried included the Sake Nigiri …



… Ebi Nigiri …



… and Ebi Tempura Roll.



We just did not expect them to also serve Vietnamese Rolls …



… Ebi Fry …



… and Deep Fried Calamari.



For something more filling, they also offer an A La Carte menu.



The sushi alternatives that we tried included the Kitsune Udon …



… Karaage Don …



… and Teriyaki Beef Don.



Not sure if New York Times will crown them “the Marina hotspot” title again, but for us, it is definitely a no, since nothing really stood out, in comparison to other Japanese restaurants that we have tried!!



Ace Wasabi's Sushi Place
Shop 28, Marina Mirage, 74 Sea World Drive, Main Beach, QLD 4217, Australia.
+61 7 5528 2838

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