Tuesday, June 28, 2011

US2011 - Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel

Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel claims to be the coolest and one of the most affordable hostel in the No-Ho district of Manhattan in New York City.



While most backpackers accommodation offers cheap dorm beds in a shared room, Whitehouse Hotel takes it up one notch by offering privacy at extremely low rates; i.e. cheap dorm beds and no sharing rooms with strangers.



Thus, all you get is a long corridor with doors on each side.



In each room, there’s a small wardrobe and a bed that fills in from end-to-end of the room.



And since each room is open-air, nothing is sound-proof. Well, its kinda like staying in New York City’s equivalent to Japan’s capsule hotels, but without all the little luxuries!!



But, I guess, the biggest disappointment would be the poor maintenance of the bathroom facilities. Leaky taps, stains and poor drainage. I am sure they could have done better!!

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