Saturday, October 22, 2011

US2011 - Yangming

Housed within a 1765 building that is also home to a Terracotta warrior, Yangming is known as the number one Chinese restaurant in America!!



Also ranked by USA Today as one of America's "Ten Great Places to dine on fine Chinese food," and twice selected to prepare a banquet at the celebrated James Beard House in New York City, Yangming serves authentic regional and innovative fusion cuisine in a gorgeous setting.



After browsing through their menu, we decided to have the Crispy Spring Rolls as appetizers. Funnily, we had two tiny spring rolls served on a huge plate.



Then came our entree, the Spicy Fish (??) …



… and the Spicy Szechuan Sesame Chicken …



… that were served with a choice of brown or white rice.



A pot of tea also accompanied our dinner. Due to the dimly lit environment, I only realised the stains on the teapot after using flash.



For a moment, I did question its cleanliness!!



Lastly, our dinner ended with the serving of Lychee …



… and Fried Banana.



And just before we left, we were served something that each and every Asian restaurant in America will provide. Fortune Cookies!!!



Hopefully, in the future, we will also have the chance to check out Michael Wei’s other award winning restaurants: Mandarin Garden, NECTAR and CinCin.



1051, Conestoga Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA.
+1 610 527 3200

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Meitzeu said...

LOLz! :D Everything looks so clean when the surrounding is dark.

Scary cleanliness of the pot!! *glurp*

Alex said...

yup.. it was kinda unexpected!! lol

Anonymous said...

Definitely not considered anywhere near its ranking of a top restaurant. If you want to have a gastronomic experience of authentic ethnic Chinese food, Yang Ming is not the place to go. Go and eat in Chinatown and pay way less than the so called "fusion" Chinese food served in Yang Ming. The fusion part of cooking literally means dummied down for Americans. It is not what ethnic Chinese food is. The cardinal rule in evaluating the authenticity of the ethnic food that you are about to experience to look at the clientele in the restaurant. The ratio of Caucasians in Yang Ming outnumber the Asians which is a tell tale sign that you are not getting authentic Chinese food. Most Asians are foodies and will go to great distance to have good Chinese food that reminds them of their heritage. That said, if you are willing to pay premium price for a subpar "polyester" type dish, weLcome to Yang Ming. I will not be returning to Yang Ming anytime soon. For the ranking that was bestowed on Yang Ming, it was pure disappointment. If the restaurant was ranked #1, I expected my taste buds to be blown to stratospheric level by the taste, texture and presentation of the dishes. I did not even experience a "ratatouille" moment for the food. Yang Ming failed on so many gastronomic levels to deliver on the authenticity of ethnic Chinese food. Unfortunately, most Americans who ate at Yang Ming will never know what real Chinese food taste like.

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