Saturday, December 31, 2011

AU2011 - Insan’s Cafe

Claiming to serve authentic and popular Malaysian hawker fares, it did confuse me when I learnt about the owners’ origin, the Christmas and Cocos Islands. Should I then expect a fusion of Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian cuisine?



While there, we ordered the Nasi Goreng Kampung, one of the dishes recommended to us, …



… and the Steamed Chicken Rice, sort of a Malay-styled Hainanese chicken rice.



Of course, a visit to a Malaysian restaurant is not complete without a serving of Teh Tarik.



The verdict, Insan’s is definitely generous with their portions of rice, but the dishes are a little lacking in terms of taste. I guess, that is the result of serving Malaysian food with an added twist from the owners’ homeland.



Insan's Cafe
113-115, Murray Street, Perth, WA 6000, Australia.
+61 8 9241 0588

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alex.
Insan's Cafe is Truly Malaysian and owned by Malaysian since 2009. Formerly it was run by the Cocosans.

jutawanjoe. said...

not bad for a simple dishes tht i had..chicken curry, fried sambal ikan bilis and veges....for A$10.00 menu.
of course it can be improved...owner is a student and a chef so he's busy running around. he needs a full-time, good & experience chef at
the kitchen.

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