Saturday, March 19, 2011

US2011 - Campo’s

Everywhere you go in Philadelphia, there’s always a stall or a shop or even a restaurant that claims to serve the most authentic, the most original, the best, or even the most perfect cheesesteak in town. And with over 80 of them serving the city’s favourite food, it was really a hard decision to make, on which one to go to.



After reading several reviews and recommendations, I decided to check out Campo’s Deli, a charming corner store that has been dishing out delicious-but-cheap cheesesteaks and hoagies since 1947.



While there, I was also glad to learn that Campo’s is the official provider of cheesesteaks and hoagies to the Wachovia Center (now known as the Wells Fargo Center), home to the Philadelphia Flyers and Phantoms (ice hockey), and Philadelphia 76ers (basketball).



At least that showed the “quality” one could get from Campo’s. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be selected to be the official provider, right?



So, during my visit, I decided to try their Bar B-Que Cheesesteak that came with bacons, mozzarella cheese and fried onions.



The verdict, I am not sure how a sandwich could become a city’s favourite food, but I think it would definitely taste better if the steak were more well-done.



On a subsequent visit, I also tried the Grilled Chicken Breast Parmigiana Sandwich.



The verdict, they cooked the chicken as though it was a steak. So, again, if the chicken were more “well-done”, then it would definitely taste right.



P/S: Shouldn’t the professional ice hockey and basketball team be eating something healthier than a sandwich without greens?



Campo's Deli
214 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.
+1 215 923 1000

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